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My name is Serge Kosyrev, and I’m a hacker with background in Haskell, Lisp and bare metal.

I love to experiment with things, and I do fail a lot, yet still, I am not afraid of feeling stupid – the world is hopelessly larger than any of us can imagine – and that is how it is beautiful.

Similarities sometimes attract, and so I have found that it is easier for me to work with people who do not have a big problem investing effort into learning new things. I have certainly had my share of problems with people who did not want to – not that I blame them, just think we were mis-matched against each other.

Often, I feel like my planning horizon (Buxton index, if you like) is at painful conflict with other people’s motivations. And so much so, that I often keep wondering, if it is of any benefit to me, personally.. Problem is, I seem to be wired like that.

I have known the taste of failure, but also the value of persistence.

My curriculum vitae.